Volunteering opportunities in this region are endless! Are you prepared to life the simple life and to become a part of a Cameroonian community?

Depending  on each individual skills everybody is welcome to support us to stop poverty and to help people in need!

You can make a difference! No matter if you want to stay for one weak or one year volunteering with us is free of charge and we will help you with anything!

Staying here in one of the Santa villages means that the king personally will welcome you and take care of you during your whole stay.  So don`t be afraid! We will pick you up from the airport and arrange you a place to stay!

Our project is new so there are thousands of opportunities to volunteer, however these are the main fields:

Women empowerment, Working with disabled children and women in need:

women in Cameroon are working very hard for live. We work together with several grassroots organizations to support and empower women to become independent and self sufficient. Prescilla is running a group of disabled who were only living on the street. Now she is teaching them to do their own little business such as artisan, computer skills, agriculture and she is providing them a place to stay.   We need volunteers to help us opening another shop or teaching us new skills. To know more about this check out the following websites:







the village of Baligham has about 20 schools. Some of the kids are motherless children. There is not enough teaching material available and not enough money to employ enough teacher. So if you are interested to teach or to help building up the schools contact us!

You could also teach adults some basic skills such as computer skills, reading, languages.




After visiting the hospital in Baligham one can see the very poor state of it. There are some very old beds and almost no equipment available. When I arrived two men got shot in a fight and they really needed to get to hospital in Barmenda. However, there were no means of transportation as the hospital doesn´t have a van. So they asked the king for his private car to take them on the bumpy dusty road to the hospital. Road conditions have to be improved by the government but also a lot of lives could be saved by having a better equipped hospital and teaching the local more about basic health care or offering them a free check in the hospital as many cant pay the bills. If you are a medicine student, a nurse or you simply want to help just contact us we will get you in touch with the hospital.

CIMG1330 CIMG1332




You can work on the fields, learn about agriculture, help seeding and planting and develop an export market and a warehouse. You will see there are so much fruits and vegetable produced in Baligham but there is no means and finance to export them yet. We are trying to start national and international cooperation.




The area has a high potential for tourism.However, the lac of information and means of transportation stopped any visitors from coming. There are many tourist attractions which can be developed. We want to create a sustainable tourism project which contributes positively to the whole community. Many locals could get involved e.g. working as drivers, guides, selling their arts, opening restaurants, guest houses. We need volunteers to help the locals train them and teaching them about customer expectations and cultural things.           


You could write articles, take photographs, help improving the website, bringing to light everything we are trying to accomplish.

Economic development import export market:

help us to find a way to generate a sustainable income and to improve the economic situation in Cameroon. We are currently trying to produce some goods we can sell globally to create a sustainable income.


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