If you are just traveling and you want to see the country site visit the villages for a few day we will arrange this for you.

You could make a loop around all ten villages by car or motorbike and visit the fonds and their palaces. Yo will see every village is unique and different. For a bottle of wine or some small gift they will take you around and tell you the stories about their village.

There is so much to do! Here are some examples of activities we can arrange for you:

Horseback riding in the stunning hills

visiting a community living in tents up in the mountains far from anything

See the women empowerment groups how they are working on the farm and help them a little

Fishing in the rice fields and preparing fish on the fire

learn to cook in an open fire kitchen and sleep in a traditional house

visit lake Awing and hear the mystical stories about it

take part of an African funeral or festival

Visit all the schools and take part on an football tournament

Go to the local markets and try some interesting food

take part on an artisan workshop, Prescillas disabled group will teach you how to do your own art!

Go hiking early in the morning to get the palm wine


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