home stays and guest houses

Come and stay with us  in one of the beautiful unique villages in Santa Division North West Cameroon.

Staying with a local family in their traditional house is a truly cultural experience and you will learn so much about the peoples live, their cultural and traditions.

There is a beautiful country site around and the friendly people from the village will be happy to show you around!

You can decide if you want to stay in a very comfortable, clean guest house with shower and gas kitchen in Akum close to the city of  Bamenda or if you prefer to stay in a traditional African hut where you will be cooking in an open fire kitchen with the women and the kids.

An incredible experience is to stay in the palace of Baligham with the king and his four wife. There is a guest room for you, too.

He will tell you the history of the village and introduce you to the king maker and other interesting people.

The kind himself loves cooking (which is very rare that men love cooking) and he will prepare the famous Kati Kati for you!

The traditional houses in Baligham


the palast in Baligham and the young and funny king


CIMG0613 001

The guest house in Akum close to Bamenda with shower and gas kitchen and private room

one of the guest houses in AkumCIMG0439


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