I am Anja Schwarz, 26 years  from Germany and the editor of this blog. In November 2012 I decided to volunteer and travel in the beautiful North West region of Cameroon. I stayed most of my time in the villages of Baligham and Akum where I met Margaret Galape (the founder of CPID; Cameroon  Partnership international development, and princess of Baligham)and her family and friends
I have always been an adventurous traveler interested in cultures, languages, traditions and the way people live rather than doing an all inclusive 5star hotel trip. However, Cameroon was more than I could ever dream off. It was my very first time going to Africa and I did not really know what to expect, all the crazy stories you read in the news and the people who tell you its too dangerous to go to Cameroon by yourself.  But why should I believe this before going there  myself to get my own impression?                                                                                                                                                                                                                  I am so glad I went! I never met so incredible welcoming people and I felt totally save all the time!
Margaret`s sister princess  Henriette was looking after me all the time showing me around and explaining to me everything what I wanted to know. We stayed in the palace with the king and his 4 wives and he would introduce me to all his king makers and prepare me “Kati Kati and Fucucorn”  for breakfast.
On the back of a horse riding behind the king, Henriette and Dennis who were sitting on one motorbike I was exploring the villages and the beautiful surroundings. Everybody invited me to their house and told me their personal story while sitting in the African open fire kitchen experiencing authentic African food.
I was the first stranger since 1970 to visit this village hence why people where so excited to see me. However, staying so close to this people, becoming a part of them and living their live I could also experience their heavy problems and poverty  they have to face everyday. My mission is to support these large number of individual and development associations together with CPID http://www.cameroonpartnershipindevelopment.org/ to build up a global partnership towards achieving sustainable development in order to improve their livelihoods for their families and to contribute positively  to the economical and political situation in the country.

This blog is appealing to other volunteers or traveler who want to visit Cameroon. It should give you an idea about the North West region of Cameroon and its people. I want to tell you about my amazing travel experiences but also discuss about economical, social and political issues.

Whether you are a traveler just passing by or a long time volunteer you are welcome to visit us here in Baligham or Akum every time!

Henriette an me


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